Property Fraud

Property Fraud is an Easy Target for Scammers

All It Takes Is A Quick Trip To The County Recorder’s Office

By filing a simple one-page form, unscrupulous scammers can easily lock up your title. Once filed, the majority of county recorders offices automatically assume that the property owner is informed but there is no consistent system for actually informing the owner of the property.

Protect Your Property from Fraudulent, Mistaken or Otherwise Wrongful Filings or Recording.

Over 50 million documents are recorded per year in the USA. Criminals can relatively easily lay claim to your property by simply recording a fraudulent document resulting in serious consequences to your property ownership and home equity.

Grant Deed/Warranty Deed

Definition: Used in some states for the sale or transfer of real property from one person or entity to another person or entity. Must be notarized and signed by both parties.

Scenario: Scammer forges and records new deed becoming the new owner, takes out a large loan on the property, doesn’t make payments on the loan sending your property into foreclosure.

Title Update: Owner would be notified that the name on the Grant Deed/Warranty Deed had been changed and stop the scammer before the loan is obtained.

Quitclaim Deed

Definition: Document of conveyance of real property that passes any title, claim, or interest that the grantor has in the premises but does not make any representations as to the validity of such title.

Scenario: Scammer forges a Quitclaim Deed making himself the new property owner and sells or borrows against the property.

Title Update: Owner would be notified that the Quitclaim Deed had been filed. In many cases Title Lock can help prevent the sale of or borrowing against the property.

Joint Tenancy Deed

Definition: The holding of an estate or property jointly by two or more parties, the share of each passing to the other or others upon death.

Scenario: A caretaker (could be anyone though) changes the deed adding themselves as a Joint Tenancy. After the death, scammer files an Affidavit of Death of Joint Tenant. They are now the sole owner of the home.

Title Update: Find out if you or your family is already a victim. Title Lock can tell if your family’s property has become the target of a Joint Tenancy scam.