WARNING: Title thieves are active in your area. You may already be the victim of title fraud!   Please click here to inquire about our protection plans  Activity Found On February 20, 2020 -End Of Notice

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Title Theft In On The Rise

Protect your home and your family’s future. It’s easy to get started today.

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Year of Protection

Automatic title reviews for a year after closing plus continued protection with re-enrollment.

What Is Title Update?

As a part of our ongoing effort to serve our clients we created this service. Title Fraud is one of the fastest growing ‘white collar’ crimes in America, and your real estate team is here to help keep you from becoming a victim.


Why Do I Need It?

Title Update Program entitles you to monthly updates of your title for twelve months. Every month we will email you an update regarding the title to your property, meaning if there is a new Deed of any kind recorded in Public Records, you’ll be made aware and may then confirm the legitimacy or potential presence of fraud. In the event that the title transfer is fraudulent, we’ll be happy to refer you to someone from a network of real estate attorneys we trust. The key in stopping title fraud is to be aware of the activity before the criminal(s) can negatively affect the equity of your home.

Top Prevalent Schemes per FBI Cases


Loan Origination Scams

Criminals take out false loans on your property.


Title/Escrow/Settlement Fraud

Stealing of wire funds or reassignment of title


Real Estate Investment

Stolen funds to purchase real property


Equity Skimming

Fraudulently stealing all equity in property